• Online registration for Admissions for the new academic year will commence in October. To register online, please visit the homepage on the school website www.gihsdubai.com.
  • Candidates applying for admission must be on valid UAE Residence Visa.
  • Please follow the Age Criteria given below at the time of seeking admission:
    • KG I - should have completed 4 years as on 31st March.
    • KG II - should have completed 5 years as on 31st March.
    • Grade I - should have completed 6 years as on 31st March.
  • Underage children shall not be admitted as per the instructions received from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority(KHDA).
  • Final selection to KG I will depend on the child’s performance at an assessment session to ascertain his/her ability in independence, speech and physical development to attend a pre-school.
  • All admissions fromKG II and upwards are granted based on the performance of the candidate at an assessment session, availability of seats, on a recommendation and positive school report from the previous academic year and submission of his/her original Transfer Certificate/School Leaving Certificate from the last school attended by him/her showing his/her Annual Examination results and promotion to higher class.
  • All admissions are subject to APPROVAL from KHDA.
  • No admission will be granted to pupils coming from UNRECOGNISED SCHOOLS.

The following documents will be required to complete the admission process:

  1. Admission forms duly completed.
  2. A hard copy of the online registration form.
  3. Two recent passport size photographs of the candidate.
  4. A photocopy of the candidate’s passport(including the valid UAE visa page). If the candidate does not have a separate passport, then 01(One) photocopy of the passport where the name of the candidate is endorsed should be submitted.
  5. A photocopy of the birth certificate of the candidate in English or Arabic(for candidates seeking admission in KG I, KG II and Grade I only). The Original birth certificate must be attached along with for verification.
  6. A photocopy of the Vaccination or Immunization Card/Medical Record of the candidate.
  7. Two photocopies and the original Emirates ID Cards of the candidate and the sponsor of the candidate for capturing data embedded on the chip on the ID cards into the KHDA system.
  8. A photocopy of the original Mark Sheet/Progress Report of the examination passed from the previous school.
  9. Attested Original Transfer Certificate or School Leaving Certificate for candidates seeking admission from Grade 2 and upwards.

  • Students seeking admission to the school from Grade 2and upwards and coming from abroad must have their original Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate of the school last attended, IN ENGLISH ONLY, duly attested as per guidelines given below:
    • The Ministry of Education or the Education Bureau of the country.
    • Their respective consulate in UAE
    • The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Students seeking admission to the school from Grade 2and upwards and coming from Emirates other than Dubai, theiroriginal Transfer Certificate of the school last attended should be attested by the Ministry of Education of that Emirate.
  • Students seeking admission to the school from Grade 2 and upwards and coming from another school in Dubai, their Transfer Certificate from the school last attended will be transferred on-line to the school that they joined.
  • Students seeking admission to the school after June 15th for KG I, KG II & Grade I are also required to submit the attested Transfer Certificatesof the school last attended as mentionedabove for the class in which the candidate is currently studying.
  • All documents for admission should be submitted to the school authorities within 20 days from the date of admission.
  • At GIHS we offer an inclusive education system with support for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities and moderate to severe learning disabilities. A full-fledged special education programme can be offered with active participation from the parents as outlined in the school’s SEND webadmissiondocs. The SEND webadmissiondocs has been uploaded on the official website of the school(www.gihdubai.com).
  • We strive to create equal opportunities for all our students, especially students with special education needs. We aim at developing a school environment as a miniature mainstream society with diversity. At GIHS, we foster an environment among students and teachers to empathize, help and support students with special needs to bring out their potential to the fullest.
  • Parent will have to notify the Principal in writing if they are aware or suspect that their child(or anyone in his or her immediate family) has a learning difficulty, and the parents must provide the school with copies of all written reports and other relevant information. Parents will be asked to withdraw their child if, in the professional judgment of the Principal and the child’s teachers, and after consultation with the parents and with the student(where appropriate), the school suspects that such vital information about special needs has been deliberately withheld.
  • Provisional admission will be granted only in case of Grade XI.
  • Please note that filling in the online registration form does not guarantee admission.
  • Any attempt to fill more than one form for one candidate will result in his/her disqualification for admission.
  • While filling the online registration form, entries with regard to the Name, Date of Birth and Nationality of the candidate should be in conformity with his/her passport.
  • Incomplete Admission Forms or Admission Forms not accompanied by proper documents will not be accepted.
  • The School Management reserves the right to reject any admission without assigning any reason.